I research and tour local LEED houses, lofts, and commercial buildings. Attending green conferences, events and festivals helps keep me up to date on the latest green technology and sustainable products. I recently completed the steps to incorporate the Foundation in California. Currently, I am in the process of investigating a possible land purchase that is eco-friendly and sustainable in Costa Rica


Institute of Conscious BodyWork- Alive and Well   Massage Technician
Thai Massage School Shivagakomarpaj   Chang Mai, Thailand, Thai Massage Technician
Certified Massage Practitioner   CA
Sustainable Works-Green Living Workshop
Attended Michigan State University, Psychology Major


I believe that creating a healthy planet begins with creating a healthy body, mind and spirit. As Above, So Below, or so the saying goes. Power Yoga keeps me flexible and centered. My work as a massage therapist keeps me connected. Hiking, biking, and enjoying nature in and around LA keeps me balanced. Vipassana Meditation keeps me sane. Gold's Gym in Venice keeps me humble. Bass heavy EDM keeps my feet moving and my heart pumping. Traveling helps me to expand my consciousness, respect diversity and appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given. Researching intelligent alternative news keeps me open minded. The Foundation allows me to give back, help educate, and support others on the right path. For that I am grateful. I’ve traveled the globe and to almost every state in America. One thing is certain- sustainability is really our only logical choice. I support local farmers markets, buy from environmentally conscious companies whenever possible, and try daily to be a small part of the solution.