Mauser EcoHouse

Mauser EcoHouse is located within Saint Michael's Sustainable Community
Hwy 34 (toward San Jose) to 239 North (road to Puriscal) - 239 is a, winding, uphill dirt road. Mauser EcoHouse and Saint Michael's signs are posted at major forks in the road.
For directions contact Heather, WhatsApp +310 482 1868, or use Google Maps (Saint Michael's Sustainable Community) or Waze (Mauser EcoHouse)


Welcome to Mauser EcoHouse.  A new and ongoing project by the Directors of the Mauser Harmony With Nature Foundation  Our 501(c)(3) tax exempt Foundation was incorporated in 1998 in memory of our mentor and friend,

Professor Ferdinand F. Mauser.

Our goal is to transform the EcoHouse into a center providing classes, retreats and seminars to students, professionals, interns and families focused on sustainable living, such as growing your own organic food, composting and

purchasing sustainable, eco-friendly products.


 Since purchasing the 6,000 sq ft villa, which we now call the Mauser EcoHouse, in January 2016, 

*five swales have been excavated and planted with herbs and vegetables

*twenty trees, including banana, lemon, avocado, breadfruit and guanábana now live on our land

*herb garden plantings include oregano, cilantro and stevia


All in our effort to turn our little piece of land into an organic food forest.

Hard work and diligence has turned our dormant compost banana circle into a thriving microbial habitat.

With the help of our two interns, we recently constructed a 12ft high 30ft diameter greenhouse which

houses our 3 food triangles and new seedlings.


The Mauser EcoHouse is a work in progress.

We are motivated by our desire to be of service to our local community and in some small way

contribute to the greater good.


Please consider visitings us and/or making a contribution to the Mauser Harmony With Nature Foundation to

help us succeed in achieving our goal.




More Info: 

Heather Cook     (310) 482-1868

Jai Cook   (310) 754-9013






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