I’ve also participated in stormwater charrettes, attended forums and workshops, manned Foundation information booths at various seminars and spearheaded numerous grant initiatives including Camp Greening. Since purchasing the Mauser EcoHouse in Costa Rica in January, 2016 I have assumed the role of Marketing Director.

I am honored and humbled that Prof. Mauser entrusted me to be one of the founders of the Mauser Harmony With Nature Foundation. I feel that I am ethically and morally bound to direct the Foundation’s activities in a way that would make “Doc”, as I affectionately called him, proud. As such, I am constantly evaluating and analyzing the Foundation’s direction.  Advocating for sustainability through the the Foundation provides me with the opportunity, through education, to encourage harmony rather than discord on our planet. 




Registered Nurse since 1968

Diverse university classes taken including Greek Mythology and Philosophy

Member: American Holistic Nurses Association since 2002

American Psychiatric Nurses Association since 2001

Reiki Master: Second Degree

Certified Laughter Leader

Nurse educator:  Currently employed part-time as a traveling Wellness Nurse

Area Nurse Educator: International Assisted Living Company 10+ yrs

Clinical Nurse Therapist: Psychiatric Day Hospital  2 yrs

Health Education Instructor: Health Development Network 5 yrs 


For as long as I can remember, I have felt a strong connection and desire to protect humans, plants and animals.  As a nurse, I have witnessed firsthand the negative physical, psychological and emotional effects that an unhealthy planet can have on individuals. Clean air, decreased noise pollution, conservation of our natural resources and all other forms of sustainability help us take care of our world and each other.

I find pleasure in activities that energize me physically, mentally and spiritually, such as gardening, biking, photography, power walking, meditation and anything that involves my grandson Zade. I am inspired by my son Jai, and daughter Heather who through their daily efforts are lessening the earth’s carbon footprint. One of my goals, through my personal actions, is to leave this planet a more sustainable home for Zade.